«À la carte»

Menu for kids : 11.00€
Meats origin : EU.


Raw artichokes salad, Arugula salad, grated Parmesan cheese and Hazelnuts9.50 €
Eggplants browned in the Parmesan cheese10.50 €
Fritters of Courgette flowers and Eggplants, Light fresh Tomato sauce12.00 €
Green local Asparagus, french dressing with Truffles, grated Parmesan and Arugula salad12.50 €
Wild salmon tartar «Keta»14.50 €
Niçoise salad (with Tuna, Anchovy, Tomatoes, Olives and hard-boiled eggs)15.50 €
Carpaccio of Tomatoes with Pesto and Burata17.00 €
Home-made foie gras, toasted bread and red onions Chutney in Porto17.50 €

Main Courses

Stew of cheek of Beef to the Provençal, Creamy Polenta15.50 €
Risotto with King Prawns and coriander in Crystallized lemon18.50 €
Raw minced beef steak « Italian » style, grated Parmesan cheese and Pesto, Fries19.50 €
« Italian » style Burger, Pancetta, Scarmozza and Pesto, Fries20.00 €
Penne with Seafood, Squids, King Prawns and Scallops22.00 €
Saffron Risotto with Scallops and Chips of Chorizo23.00 €
Pork filet mignon Iberico in the Sage and home-made Gnocchi and green beans24.50 €
Grilled Fillet of Bass, « Italian » style condiments and mashed Monalisa potatoes25.00 €
The Veal chop with truffle Aestivum and polenta in the Parmesan cheese29.50 €
Fillet of beef, rosemary sauce, mashed Monalisa potatoes with olives Taggiasca32.00 €


Crème Brûlée with Vanilla7.50 €
Platter of sorbet8.00 €
Chocolate soft cake and Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream8.50 €
Strawberry soup with mint and «Isigny cream» ice cream9.00 €
Home-made Raspberry «Millefeuille»11.00 €
Perpetual Colonel ice cream11.00 €
Platter of cheese9.00 €